Customer’s Testimonials & Comments about ATX’s Odor Kill & Stain Remover

Dead Chicken in Mercedes Trunk – Car to be Totaled- Saved by ATX’s Odor

“We have used this product for over 20 years.  The first time was to save my sister-in-laws Mercedes.  She left a chicken roaster in her

trunk by accident.  It fell out of the bag into a well in the trunk and was not discovered until after returning from a vacation.  The car

had been detailed several times and was about to be totaled by the insurance company.

We got her Odor Kill and it worked.  We have used and recommended your product many times since.”

Gary G, San Leandro, California 2017

Cleaning Up After Their Accidents

“I love the product, we have 5 dogs and 4 cats and it’s helped us a ton on cleaning up after their accidents.”

Michael Y, Rush, NY 2017

Sewer System Backed Up

“I rent a small house and one day, the city sewer system backed up into my home and flooded the entire one bedroom house. OK – first of all – GROSS! I started cleaning and was lucky in that my floors were all tile, and I used a hose to rinse everything out of the house after each scrubbing. I tried four or five different cleaning products, but nothing worked to get rid of the odors.

My landlord had some Odor Kill, and brought it over for me to use. So I followed the instructions and cleaned the entire house once again using Odor Kill and finally awful smell was gone and has never returned.

I would recommend Odor Kill to anyone that needs to get rid of any offensive odor anywhere!”

Thanks for a great product! Trent – Sarasota, FL 2015

Vomit in the Car

“My niece (age 7) and nephew (age 5) were visiting us in Florida, for two weeks last summer.

After spending the day at the beach and on the boat we went to have dinner at a seafood restaurant. Shortly after we left the restaurant, my nephew, who was said he didn’t feel very good, and he then vomited his entire dinner into the a/c vent, and the carpet and the cloth seat in the car. Needless-to-say, we couldn’t get the odor out of the car.

I borrowed Odor Kill and doused the car a/c vent, the carpet and the seat thoroughly (twice) following instructions. Voila! The smell was gone and it has not returned.

At first I was skeptical, but thought it was worth a try, because nothing else had worked to get rid of the smell. I didn’t even want to get in my car – let alone drive anywhere. And the heat just seemed to magnify the putrid smell.

I will always sing the praises of Odor Kill from now on. It is a wondrous product! Thank you!”

Jolene, Sarasota Florida 2015

Seafood Inside the Freezer Decomposed

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you. Odor Kill is everything you proclaim it to be.

In 2006 we had an emergency, when one of our freezers thawed over a weekend and the seafood inside the freezer decomposed to 82*F, and the horrible odor was throughout the freezer and in the grout on the tile floor beneath the freezer. [A person from the office next door asked if someone had died in our building!]

I had tried numerous chemicals and methods to get rid of the odor and the entire (three story) building still had a horrible odor. So I started searching the internet and found Odor Kill.

Within one day of receiving Odor Kill, and using it inside and outside the freezer and on the floor. The odor was completely gone after 15 minutes. I did a second application just to make sure, and the odor has never returned.

Thanks you so much for this miraculous product!

Patti, Sarasota, FL” 2014

Horrible Vomit Smell Finally Removed

I bought ATX Odor Kill and Stain Remover many years ago when I could not get the horrible smell out of the carpet my daughter vomited on.

Odor Kill is awesome. It took care to that stain and smell. It is a very good value too. I recommended this product to friends. Thanks for selling a great product.

Lily Kindler, Yuma, Arizona 2014

Stopped the Male Cat Urine Odor…Fast.
It saved my marriage, my cat, my oriental rug and my house.

My newly acquired Red Persian male cat was expressing himself by urinating on my prized oriental wool rug. The whole room reeked of urine…it was atrocious. My husband announced that he wouldn’t live in a house that smelled so badly or keep a cat that urinates in the house. I informed him that I would not live without my cats and he could go upstairs to live.

I took the cat to the veterinarian and he diagnosed him with a urinary tract infection. The medicine cured the cat, but the intense urine odor remained and seemed even stronger. What was I to do?

I frantically searched for a product that really would totally do the job. It had to stop the urine odors and remove the spot on my carpet. I asked my friends and searched the internet.

Then a friend suggested that I try ATX’s Odor Kill & Stain Remover. I was skeptical, since in the past, I had tried all the other products on the retail shelves, including Natures’ Miracle, and they did not work. But, I needed something new now. So, I purchased it from the friendly folks at ATX Technologies.

I followed the simple directions. Wow…after only 2 applications, the strong urine odor was completely eliminated! The stain spot on the carpet was gone too! The urine smell did not come back. Plus, there were no offensive masking agent smells in the solution.

My husband, my carpet and my Red Persian cat were happy again.

I now use ATX’s Odor Kill daily on the litter box and anytime there is an accident.

Thank you ATX Technologies, LLC for making such a wonderful and powerful product. I strongly recommend it to all my friends.

Margaret Marshall
Spartanburg, SC  2015

PS- Can ATX Odor Kill please get my husband to come back downstairs?

Hotel: “Removed Stains and Odors with Great Success”

Have used ATX on both stains and odors with great success even had success on items that other products were not effective.

Think the lemon fragrance is a big improvement over other products. ATX fragrance strength is perfect not to weak or overpowering like some competitive products.

ATX worked well on carpet both spotting and traffic, as well as table linen, upholstery and odor elimination.

K Kolhmorgen, Owner
Seasons Pass Inn
Stow, Vermont 2013

Male Cat Urine
It’s Fantastic…my male cat’s urine odor was gone instantly!!!

My male cat sprayed his cage at the Roanoke, Virginia Cat Fanciers Show. He marked his spot 3 times…Bam…Bam…Bam.

Everybody in the show hall was looking around at him and us as the culprit. It really smelled awful.

We heard about your ATX Odor Kill and went into your show booth and got some. We returned to the “scene of the crime” and immediately sprayed it on the 3 sites.

The cat urine odor was gone instantly. It was absolutely amazing!! I could not believe how fast it worked!!

Thank you ATX Odor Kill. I’ll tell all my friends about it.

Ms. Terri Callahan 2015
Calla Cats
Atlanta, GA

Dog Whiz Odors — “it damned-well better do it!”

Odor Kill has saved us from huge costs- both in inconvenience and real $$$.

Another testimonial for you!”

I don’t normally write to companies regarding their products. I figure that if I pay for a product to do what I am told it will do, it damned-well better do it. Odor Kill, I will make an exception. Here is my story:

Through a long succession of puppies (who were allowed to become dogs despite their poor house-training habits), our pale beige wall-to-wall carpet, mainly in the dining room, had finally come to the point where it was going to have to be pulled up and replaced. It looked great-l am a clean floor fanatic and have purchased carpet cleaning devices (I have the Little Green Machine’s Daddy) and products that left it looking like new. But, the smell had gotten down-right revolting-especially on warm humid days. Dog whiz had saturated the pad, and each attempt at cleaning it made the smell worse.

We could use the dining room in the wintertime- if we made sure to burn candles or cook apples to mask the smell. But, as soon as we opened windows to allow the spring air in, yeeee-doggies, it was ripe in there! We didn’t dare plan meals to eat in the dining room-not from April to October!! A realtor came out to appraise the house and as soon as we sat down at the dining room table, we made eye contact with him and we knew we were busted-the carpet and maybe even the subfloor would have to be replaced before anybody would buy this house if we ever put it on the market.

One night while looking around on the internet-by typing in stinky carpet, I found the Odor Kill site. After reading the testimonials, I ordered a quart. After all, we had dog-whiz odor, not dead bodies-maybe it just might work! I mixed up a little bit here and there, but never really had the time to give it the full court press. But, we recently had an early warm snap-PU!-and I realized it was now or never.

First, I purchased a large hypodermic needle at a farm supply store-the kind one would use to inject medicine into large animals. I mixed Odor Kill in the directed ratio, then wherever I could see a spot, I injected the mixture through the carpet and into the pad. I then set up my carpet cleaning machine and put the solution into the detergent tank. I set it for out-going only, so the machine did not immediately suck it back up and saturated the large offending area. I followed this with white towels dipped into the solution, leaving them pretty wet. It was pretty stinky out there, but we tried to stay upwind while we waited for Odor Kill to do its stuff.

The first thing I noticed was that the towels appeared to be soaking up brown and yellow liquid, even with no weight applied. In the past, we had put something absorbent on top of any wee-wee accident, then weighted it with something heavy to pull as much out of the carpet as possible. Odor Kill seemed to be pulling the stuff out by sheer will! It was like those little invisible critters were eating so well, they were gassing out into the white towels. Those towels got darker and darker, but I left them on a little more than 24 hours. Finally, I pulled them all off and put them in the washer where all that dog wee-wee took three washings to get out!

I shampooed the carpet as I would have normally, adding a clear water rinse to remove any residue. After that, I did something I would have never in a million years thought I could ever do again: I bent down and snorted the carpet! NO DOG WHIZ SMELL! The acid test will be when it completely dries.

I suspect our latest canine piddler-Spykey-smelled her forebears in that carpet and it gave her the green light to continue the tradition. It will be interesting to see what she does.One spot – from a dog that has been gone for 6 years – I thought, was there for good made, its way into the Odor Kill saturated towel and disappeared! Just incredible!

I am a person always looking for simple solutions to problems, just sure there must be a magic bullet out there for everything. My husband laughs at me because I will buy and try anything, usually with so-so results.

But, Odor Kill has saved us from huge costs- both in inconvenience and real $$$.

The dining room is connected to a large living room and hall. Being connected, all of the carpet, including halls and steps would have had to come up and been replaced. The sub-floor would either have had to be replaced or sealed. Whatever corrective measures we would have undertaken would have been tremendously expensive.

Thank you, Odor Kill! You really saved the day for us-and for Spykey!

Most sincerely,

Ann W. O’Malley, Solon, IA  2016


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