Super advanced Probiotic Formula permanently removes Odors & Stains from Urine, Vomit, Feces, Blood, Grass, Smoke and more!
ATX’s Odor Kill & Stain Remover eliminates all organic odors and stains from any washable fabric or surface, including carpets. Ultra concentrated, water based product, specially formulated to eliminate objectionable odors in household, institutional and industrial settings.

It can be used as a direct spray on all surfaces and it can be used as an air freshener. 100% Money back guarantee. It is the most advanced technology in odor and stain removal.


  • Urine Odors: cat, dog, human, pet
  • Skunks Odors – pets, homes, people
  • Pets, pet bedding
  • Litter cages & boxes
  • Animal and human decomposition
  • Sewage odors & matter
  • Blood and vomit removal
  • Smoke: cigarette, cigar, pipe, cooking smells, grease, fires
  • Carpet, draperies, fabrics stain eliminator
  • Garbage collection areas
  • Bathrooms, portable toilets
  • Boat bilge
  • Garage and musty mildew basement
  • Fitness facilities
  • Laundry rooms
  • Industrial applications for sulphur and nitrogen compounds (sewage treatment plant household, institutional
  • Automobiles, trucks, all vehicles
  • Light oils, petroleum based oils
  • Coffee, berries, washable ink, drains, grease traps,

ODOR KILL & Stain Remover

NEW —- Introducing the Most Advanced Innovation In Odor and Stain Removal Technology! The Power of Science and Nature in Balance.


ATX Odor Kill & Stain Remover concentrate is the result of intensive R&D efforts to engineer a propietary household and industrial odor terminator and stain cleaner that goes many steps and generations beyond all other products available today. We invented this advanced product and we got it right for us and for you! We use it in our home and it is used by all our friends & family members

All major classes of malodors are eliminated: Sulphide (rotten eggs, rotting vegetables), cat urine, perspiration, rancid butter, tobacco, ammonia, Dimethylamine, Trimethylamine (ammoniacal, rotting fish or meat, aged urine).

It is NOT a masking agent or cover up. It does NOT anaesthetize the nose. It simply goes to the source of odors and stains to digest and eliminate them permanently.

How It Works: The 1, 2, 3 PUNCH
1. It uses advanced chemistry to encapsulate and bind the mal odor airborne and surface molecules for immediate odor control and elimination.

2. It uses the microbiology of naturally occurring multiple teams of self generating bio chemical enzymes to synergistically digest the organic compounds that cause odor, breaking them down to benign, odorless compounds such as carbon dioxide and water. Organic residues + ATX Odor Kill> CO2 + H2O.

It simply digests and completely destroys the source of all organic the odors & stains. (It does not remove inorganic matter such as: minerals, plastics, metals, synthetic rubber, glass, ceramic.)

3. It uses enhanced specific surfactants (soaps) to prevent re-soiling of carpets and fabrics.

It is safe, 100% water based – No protective masks or clothing is required. Non flammable. Non Toxic. Non Corrosive. Natural Organic Bio- Degradable. Non Polluting. No CFC’s. Non Pathogenic. Hypo- Allergenic. Environmentally Helpful. Safe for use on pets. (avoid eye contact.) During product development, Odor Kill was not tested on animals. It was tested approved and is currently being used in the home, industrial and commercial applications daily.

Directions for use: Industrial Strength – Super concentrated and very economical to use. Mix 10 parts warm water and 1 part ATX Odor Kill for optimum results. Water is a catalyst which awakens the bio-chemical enzymes for aggressive action.

For convenience, it can be applied directly to the source of the odor and stain. It always works faster when you first saturate the site with warm water.

Root causes and chemistry of mal odors:

The root causes of odor are the production of chemical and biological by-products which emit negative odors, such as ammonia from urine, rotting meat and fish; sulfides from rotting vegetables and eggs; and volatile fatty acids from perspiration, grease and rancid oils. Odors are then perceived when the odor-causing molecules become airborne and interact with the olfactory receptors in the nose.

In the case of pet lovers, that interaction is produced by urine. For restaurateurs, the common culprit is cooking grease, while those in the sanitation field are all too familiar with the rancid smell of rotting food.

Mal Odor molecules, which are emitted by the odor source, must possess two properties in order to be perceptible as odor to the human nose:

1. They must be volatile able to pass into the vapor phase- so that they can travel through the air to the nose.

2. They must possess chemistry, which stimulates the olfactory receptors in the nose.

Historically, odor “control” has usually involved application of perfumes or other odor maskers in areas to be treated. Until advanced biotechnology, microbial enzyme technology became available; the only ways to control these common industrial, institutional and household odors were by either:

A. Masking the negative odor with a more appealing fragrance, thereby introducing a second layer of “odor” Such treatments do not decrease odor; rather they actually increase it by adding a high level of a less objectionable odor to overpower the malodor. Unfortunately, the effect may be overpowering, or only slightly less objectionable than the odor which was originally present.

B. Anaesthetizing the nose receptors is another common method consists thanks to volatile, flammable chemicals, (i.e. citrus) so the receptors cannot function. This is done by introducing a chemical into the air that actually deadens the receptors in the nasal passages so they temporarily no longer function. (Which means, if any good odors come your way, you can’t smell those either!). But odor-masking perfumes and chemicals that deaden receptors in the nose wear off, and the odor returns, because its cause persists.

ATX’s Odor Kill is a major departure from these earlier odor masking methods, Odor Kill technology acts in a unique and revolutionary way. It actually destroys and digests odors – not mask them. This action is accomplished in two ways: First, a fast-acting neutralizer binds with the odor-causing molecules by seizing the airborne molecules and then preventing the source molecules from being vaporized and producing odor — providing immediate relief.

Second, the real active ingredient kicks in, a proprietary microbial biotechnology blend of self generating enzymes which degrades the odor-causing molecules, destroying / digesting and converting them into harmless cell components of carbon dioxide and water. This combined synergistic chemical and enzymatic/microbial effect makes ATX’s ODOR KILL technology mega powerful, yet very safe for humans and animals and super environmentally friendly. It is simply, rapidly accelerating Mother Nature’s decomposition process. ATX Odor Kill & Stain Remover also contains sophisticated, non-re-soiling cleaning capabilities designed specifically for carpet, drapery and upholstery stain removal.

It leaves no residual odor. ATX Odor Kill & Stain Remover contains a very, very mild lemon fragrance which dissipates completely 15- 20 minutes after application. It leaves “no residual odor or fragrance”

ATX’s ODOR KILL & Stain Remover
Effectively eliminates and controls
All major classes of malodorous compounds:

Hydrogen sulfide sulfide 92%
Ammonia Ammonia 46%
Dimethylamine amine 46%
Trimethylamine amine 49%

Product Characteristics & Specifications:

PH Range 7.5-8.5
Appearance Slightly cloudy liquid
Fragrance Very, very mild, clean lemon fragrance which dissipates completely in 15-20 minutes after application. It does not leave a residual fragrance.
Stability & Shelf Life 2+ years at 35° to 115°F (2° to 35°C)

Available Packaging: 1 quart bottle, 1 gallon jug, 5 gallon jug, 55 gallon drum
Storage and Handling: Store in a cool dry place.
Wash hands thoroughly with warm, soapy water after contact.
Avoid eye and skin contact. Apply as a direct spray or in an atomizer.

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